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Is ‘Kojo Bonsu 2020’ a betrayal or a running mate slot game plan?

Comment: Ntafuo have no love for anybody.

2018-09-30 05:27:11
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Re: Is ‘Kojo Bonsu 2020’ a betrayal or a running m

Mahama is unrepentant Criminal. He has drive and stupid followers to help him achieves his Evils intentions. But is not going to happen. Akans are well awake. We have begins mobilizing our people to protect and defend our Identity, and Culture. Ghana as we know was not associated with ntafuo or Ewes. We were divided for so long. Let units and fight against , our common Enemies, who seeks to destroy Us. NDC criminal Organization was created to defeat Akan dominance in Ghanaian Politics, but remember is only achievable if we allowed ourselves to divide. Don't be silly and pretend your Ewe Friend loves you. No they don't. Inclusiveness is just diversionary tactics preached by Akan enemies to demoralize you. We should be ready to fight and prevent our women's getting married to the Akan enemies...

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09-30 03:09
Ntafuo have no love for anybody.
09-30 05:27