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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Was he drunk/intoxicated when campaignin

James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
2018-09-24 21:43:48
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Re: There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis –


May I ask you if Akufo Addo was drunk or intoxicated when he was making campaign promises, and made it look like Mahama was intentionally destroying the economy, that Mahama had been exempted from the world crises but was only making fuss about the system?

If Nana Addo were that smart he would have also noticed , under Mahama that the Cedi depends heavily on other currencies, so that we in Ghana can harldy control the state of the Cedi, but that the Cedi is actually controlled from outside.

Akufo Addo used the increases during the NDC time as weapon and promised gullible and idiotic Ghanaians that he was almost like a magician whou could transform the economy in Nu

So after all the big-promises, bringing in the supposedly best economist in Ghana, if the Cedi is still depreciating, then why all those promises Akufo Addo made during his campaigns?

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09-24 15:36
Was he drunk/intoxicated when campaignin
James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
09-24 21:43