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There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis – Akufo-Addo

Comment: We are not in Crisis

Hebert, Sweden
2018-09-24 21:18:31
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Re: There's difficulty but we're not in a crisis –

Mr. President, is that lies your Economic expert has asked you to tell the people of Ghana? It all lies. You did not have the oresight, and Dr. Bawumia has been lyiong to Ghanaians, even before the increase of petrol. May be Mr. President you have short memory, or you purosely did that, Petrol prices were at higher peak the price were dratically reduced. What did you tell Ghanaians? answer yourself. "Etua woyonko a wose etua dua"
You talk roo much than action. Accept you have deceived Ghanaians to win Powqer. Shame.

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09-24 15:36
We are not in Crisis
Hebert, Sweden
09-24 21:18