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Our political parties have been hijacked by people with money – Dr Kobby Mensah

Comment: Re: NDC never creates jobs

Kojo Opoku-London-UK
2018-09-22 09:48:03
Comment to:
NDC never creates jobs

You miss my point Alex. I meant that The FREE SSS Education is not the most important thing that Nana Addo and his NPP should have done. You are correct or right to say that the PRIVATE SECTOR create jobs in every successful economies. I 100% agree with you. But don't forget the fact the UK, Germany, Japan, USA etc Governments created the ENABLING ENVIRONMENT, which are GOOD ROADS, RAILWAYS, MOTORWAYS, 365 DAYS RUNNING WATER, 365 DAYS ELECTRICITY SUPPLY, DECENT SEWERAGE SYSTEM-NO SMELLY GUTTERS, ETC ETC just the few. SO The NPP should create those INFRASTRUCTURAL DEFICIT things to enable the PRIVATE SECTOR TO CREATE JOBS.

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09-22 07:18
Re: NDC never creates jobs
Kojo Opoku-London-UK
09-22 09:48