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Our political parties have been hijacked by people with money – Dr Kobby Mensah

Comment: NDC never creates jobs

Alexander Osei
2018-09-22 08:20:04
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Talking about graduates without jobs. In developed countries government don’t create jobs. Private people that creat jobs, for example in Germany, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, Siemens and Bosch Only few, they are all private companies. Merkel or May don’t create jobs also in England.
The problem with Ghanaian graduates is they are Grammar Graduates and PhDs. They are not Skilled graduates. In Germany We are all Diploma Engineers we spend half of our years in field in companies of our studies. It means I am graduating not only as Grammar Graduates or PhDs. But as a practical Graduates. Every company needs skilled graduate workers. Which can bring in their experience and innovation. About Ghanaian Graduates apart from the Grammar theory. Where did they do their practicals? Are they skilled? Can they bring in with this Degrees they are holding in an established company? Even in Germany every profession u have to go to school and have yr working practicals company. This is Ghana problem. Don’t make this politically. No government can deliver in two years. What did President Mills do in his 3 years?

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09-22 07:18
NDC never creates jobs
Alexander Osei
09-22 08:20