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China loan a disguised colonisation ploy – Hassan Ayariga

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2018-09-18 18:55:39
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China loan a disguised colonisation ploy – Hassa

Hassan Ayariga was deliberately coughing during a Ghana presidential debate to drown out a candidate and promote his “brother”. Hassan Ayariga beat up a local northern reporter badly for daring to criticize him and his political acrobatics. Now Hassan Ayariga is criticizing a Chinese loan. The northern elite are a real disappointment and clear and present danger to development of the north. The level of poverty, need for social services, training of human resources are so dire in the north and to see these stupid clowns who got free Education from cradle to their present circumstances refuse to advocate for the north of Ghana which is virtually being cheated by the south for the northto get its fair share of the National cake is just sad and unfortunate. Incompetent Mahama through useless Terkper taxed kayayei and Ayariga has been assaulting northern journalists, making a fool of himself and generally a jackass.

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Re: China loan a disguised colonisation ploy – Has
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