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Two dead, 45 injured in gory accident at Cape Coast

Comment: Dual carriage not the answer

Killer B
2018-09-13 02:59:28
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Re: Dual lanes help please

If dual is the way to go why so many accidents on the motorway? More people for on the motorway each year than from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia all put together.........notice a trend......most Of The deadly accidents include a commercial vehicle Aka cars being driven recklessly by people who don't own the vehicles......1am how many cars are on the road......simply wait for the oncoming car to pass by then have all the time you want. on the N1 and if you're approaching achimota from fiesta, watch the splendid display of dexterous stupidity by drivers merging into traffic from the abelempe roundabout......from the on ramp, cars will cross 4 lanes of traffic into the leftmost lane in one swoop, while travelling half the speed Of The cars coming from fiesta royale.....ghanaians are dumb I'm sorry

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09-12 20:38
Dual carriage not the answer
Killer B
09-13 02:59