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Why you can't see Kofi Annan's body - Pius Hadzide

Comment: What's with Ghanaians & death

2018-09-12 19:23:37
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Why you can't see Kofi Annan's body - Pius Hadzide

What nonesense my fellow Ghanaians speak sometimes. What is the fascination in viewing dead people?? Once rigor mortis sets in, it's not a pretty sight. My husband died in April and he was not to be seen by anyone but myself and the undertakers. Best to remember people as they were and not what they are at point of death.

I am ever so pleased the Mr Annan is not on display as a piece of art but his dignity kept intact.

May God grant him eternal rest and comfort his family particularly his wife who finds herself at this moment in a foreign land.

If I had my way, he would have been buried where he lived, close to his loved ones.

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09-12 18:32
What's with Ghanaians & death
09-12 19:23