Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold to customers | (comment 19279571)
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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold to customers

Comment: How will Ghana develop f we do this?

Osei Tutu
2018-09-12 20:07:44
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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold

Do you now understand that we have foolish leaders and institutions in this country?
How was Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba and those giant ict created? Who regulated them initially.

There is the need for innovations and creative ways of creating business and making money in this country.

How will this country grow if we cripple people who have creative ways of bring in new business models into the country with useless regulations here and there.

You don't close down a company which isn't doing any illegal activities or stealing people's money. It's like these leaders don't want the citizens of Ghana to create wealth from New business models. They rather want to stifle this nation.

What our leaders need to do is to study their business and ensure they are not stealing peoples money but rather creating wealth. Then our leaders need to build the appropriate regulatory bodies around it.

This is what is happening in US, China and other developed countries and that is why they are so rich. Because they are always creating new business which disrupt the status quo. But they also have working governments which just don't ask them to close down but rather build new laws to accommodate them.

The stupid leaders and government in this country must think and stop using this "close down business approach" when there hasn't been any illegality but rather modify laws to accommodate new business models.

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How will Ghana develop f we do this?
Osei Tutu
09-12 20:07
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