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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold to customers

Comment: Amazing, only in Ghana

2018-09-12 15:59:21
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Keep calm; your investments are safe – Menzgold

How on earth can you leak the information, SEC or Bank of Ghana. Nigerians and foreigners are here doing illegal business and even retailing and you are here using your corrupt law on our own young Ghanaian who is not only helping shape the monetary aspect of Ghanaians but doing jobs Government are supposed to do like helping our entertaining industry, sports etc.I suspect politics in here. NPP, we brought you to power and can take you out if you want us to... what is this bullshit. Just help the young man acquire all those license and continue with his good works. Don't we all know numerous corrupt and unregistered businesses operating in this country.
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09-12 14:46
Amazing, only in Ghana
09-12 15:59
bivbo bfn. oh8h
09-13 15:38
bivbo bfn. oh8h
09-13 15:38