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‘Don’t rent shelter after retirement’ - DCOP Oduro-Kwateng

Comment: Start planning your retirement

2018-09-12 20:20:09
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‘Don’t rent shelter after retirement’ - DCOP

Plan early maybe 20 days in a new job to give you time to plan critically well to retire in style.Spend less on any funeral has throws at you . Let your relations insult you etc but wise and go economical . Use organic fruit like corn drink , and locally made spirit mix with fruit drink as a variety. Engage others in preparing the foods for the funeral and get involve helping others with the strategy. Wear locally made clothing and just buy one or two mourning clothing. Remember the more the you buy the less in the kitty for the cement blocks. Allow your clothing to be cement blocks and you will not be disappointed at what throws at you. Envy others people achieivement but use that as only a template to work even harder and just be involve with just one wife with three or less children. Remember read proverbs as your guidance and your retirement would be a blessing for your grand children etc.

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Start planning your retirement
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