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‘Don’t rent shelter after retirement’ - DCOP Oduro-Kwateng

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2018-09-12 18:18:28
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‘Don’t rent shelter after retirement’ - DCOP

The problem is not only in the Police Service. Financial literacy is sorely missing in all sectors, but while the "government" may do something about it with its employees, a comprehensive and holistic approach needs to be adopted to solve or begin to solve the problem. First, EVERYBODY who occupies a government bungalow or "barracks", must sign a "lease", before they are given the keys to their occupancy. The lease must be comprehensive, and include ptovisions for periodic inspections of the premises. The lease must include a provision that within a stated period after the separation of the occupant from government service, the premises must be vacated. 40 days, 60 days, 90 days or 120 days. What this DCOP is describing is seen in all sectors. We gave seen Speakers of the Parliament loose their "dignity", when they have to vacate their bungalows. We have seen Ministers of State also loose their dignity. Ghanaian "big men", are hopelessly undignified bunch of people. Perhaps the IGP must institute periodic seminars of the command structure to alert these people to the financial realities that awaits them.

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Re: ‘Don’t rent shelter after retirement’ - DCOP
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