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SEC stops Menzgold from gold investment trading

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2018-09-12 14:44:34
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SEC stops Menzgold from gold investment trading

BoG,menzgold has been operating for the past five years. All what BoG does is to issue disclaimer without reasonable effort to stop its operations whilst investors continued to benefit from their extra value. I don't know why the desperate attempt BoG is embarking on to deprive investors of their principal deposits. Or is it that, appiah,govt and BoG are in collaborative attempt to defraud investors. First BoG cautioned customers not to patronize menzgold when they knew people were already deep into it,what significant effort is in place to ensure that people's investments are returned to them be4 the suspension. BoG, if customers are not able to recoup their money's, u can't ran away from blame and government can't either .customers are over 450000.There is a risk in every investment. streamline their activities, give them a period to operate to be able to pay investors.It is an intellectual fraud for BoG to disclaim liability,induce the closure and abandon the teeming customers helpless

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