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SEC stops Menzgold from gold investment trading

Comment: Menzgold Nigeria & Spain is Open.

2018-09-12 13:50:08
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SEC stops Menzgold from gold investment trading

The problem is Ghana’s banking sector is the biggest scam and simply can’t compete with Menzgold investment firm, imagine the highest interest rate you can find on the banking sector is 10% a year and Menzgold is giving 10% a month definitely Menzgold will over take the banking sector, another thing is the lowest interest rate on loans you can find across is 26% + loan insurance+ processing fee+ other hidden charges accumulating to almost 2% of the loan, tell me why people won’t stop doing business with the banks, a common bank statement per A Size sheet is 5 cedis across several banks, is this not a scam ?? instead of the banks cutting down on cost and becoming more efficient, if Ghana government should close down Menzgold Ghana we will convert our investment funds into dollars and Euros and trade with Menzgold Spain branch or Nigeria Branch and get our bank accounts credited every month for withdrawals, because Ghana government simply want to make the youth poor so they can manipulate us to achieve their political power during Elections Ghanaian youths are wise they can’t trick us with that same old style we need to overcome poverty AND EDUCATE OURSELVES.

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09-12 12:40
Menzgold Nigeria & Spain is Open.
09-12 13:50