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I believe in Mahama – Hannah Bissiw

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2018-09-12 16:36:37
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I believe in Mahama – Hannah Bissiw

Hannah I am disappointed in you, the reason is your boss Mahamah is the most useless leader in the history of Ghana. . If you believe in Mahamah then you have nothing better in your mind. I always respect you (Hannah) . Take it from me from today that I will never like you again. Why is it that Ghanaians are not straight forward, you know Mahamah is a big thief and corrupt instead of you to support a new incoming flag bearer youare supporting the dead goat ex president Mahamah. You can see his trademark all over his face. Ghanaians are not ready to vote for a thief (Mahamah).For throwing your support for Mahamah, if you were to be my wife I would have divorce you .The man (Mahamah) is a disgrace to his own family members. He is coming to lose massively and send your NDC party to the third place.Think wisely my dear.

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Re: I believe in Mahama – Hannah Bissiw
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