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I believe in Mahama – Hannah Bissiw

Comment: Re: Ugly Old man ruling Ghana

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2018-09-12 15:14:27
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Ugly Old man ruling Ghana

Ugly Oldman is far healthier and looking good than your stupid John mahama with bumps all over his face, even of all the stolen money he couldn't give his face a facelift, that shows how backward and unenlightened he is. The ugly oldman n'ani abue papabi, eeeeeii! Addo playman, he was born in Accra and in lights so he's seen light and no light therefore, his doings are exceptional even the West believe in him and adore him, not that your ndc president who was reduced to the gallery in Scotland what a disgrace, and you think we are fools like you , huh! you think we are all as backwards as you people huh! 2020 WE GO VOTE NANA ANKASA ! adzi wofie oye!

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09-12 12:36
boddykkii km kjkjkkk
09-12 18:01
Re: Ugly Old man ruling Ghana
Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
09-12 15:14