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I believe in Mahama – Hannah Bissiw

Comment: Re: Nana Kofi foolish boy

Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2018-09-12 13:18:49
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Re: Nana Kofi foolish boy

Do you understand yourself and do you understand the word failure? you people are fools so less talk about you the better, we will not allow you who see red as pink, and white as blue to dictate to us, how far have you lived your life for you to say Nana is a failure? I don't know where you come from but definitely not one of us, your ndc will rot in opposition because I will never choose mahama over Nana Addo, aah Addo papabi, Addo playman, Addo anibuei, Addo a okasa ma Obroni y3 din! tweeeeeeaaa! John mahama na f3 ne Nana Addo! Nana Addo is not president by default, the good people of Ghana voted massively for him to take care of Ghana! who brought John mahama to the presidency?not Prof. Mills? the biggest mistake he made in his life, and Dr Afari Djan has confessed ndc rigged 2012 elections, but for the peace of this nation ! and you think Ghanaians will make that mistake again for him to come and steal and his brother to evade taxes?you joking! free SHS is on course, Planting for food and jobs is working, ndc debts have been paid so who is a failure? the one who created debts with nothing to show or the one who has paid the debts with the introduction of free SHS, restoration of teacher and nurses trainee allowances ! I know where you are from and there is no need arguing with you, but in anyway ,Ghana will succeed under Nana Addo! ndc will rot in opposition!

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09-12 12:36
boddykkii km kjkjkkk
09-12 18:01
Re: Nana Kofi foolish boy
Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
09-12 13:18