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Ghana's performance against Kenya shocking, disappointing - CK Akonnor

Comment: kwesi appiah carefully the best of vets

koo nima still present felt america
2018-09-12 19:53:09
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Ghana's performance against Kenya shocking, disapp

asamoah italy summerises its up even he played the game. blacks needs to improved. that it, veteranwise accountability. his statement, aslo says one, he miss the veterans he used to plays with in blacks group.bottom veterans like ayew and dade asamonh gyan sulley anit da faded to be excluded from the blacks if kwesi appiah too keen of locals, if this veterans are still playing in contracts in their respectives teams in europe or elsewhere. its means they are still note a veteran likes boateng germany, eg, this man has been scoring goals in all countries he went to plays recently, spain back to germany, recent in italy, if he is not that good clubs not going pouring cash on him keep siging him. kwesoi appiah asamoh italy message was indirct talks to u to rather belives in the veterans u consider white wash. there is essien too.

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