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Treat ‘government to convert single sex schools’ story with contempt – Ministry


Theo TT
2018-09-12 12:34:32
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Treat ‘government to convert single sex schools

We know you people. We know your moduls operandis. You always come out first to test the intelligent people of this country to see the reactions. This time around, it is not that mother fucker ex-convict, and a replica of a caricture Gabby who came out to do that. It was sadly, a person who should have known better than all of these certificate buyers. How sad !! Why can,t Akufo Addo too build some of the scholls and make it the way he likes? Do you know why the missionaries who built those school came about those schools? I single Sex schools? What nonsense is this? What is Akufo Addo about? Is this the man we voted for? Who is in charge of this country? Any one can just get up and say what he or she likes and then the next minutes, another person comes in to counter it? Are these the men Akufo Addo was was talking about? "We have the men and women and within one year, Ghanaians would see a real change" Are these the men? Even he himself is very clueless and foolish that, it isn,t suprising.He has a weak third class in Economics. Why have we allowed ourselves to this low level? God save mother Ghana.

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