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Akufo-Addo running 'family and friends' government - Mahama

Comment: Shut up, Ur relatives came 2 loot

Nana Yaw
2018-09-12 12:08:11
Comment to:
Akufo-Addo running 'family and friends' government

Just shut up, no have nothing to complain about, ur relatives only came to loot and beat taxes and bought for themselves air buses. what do u want to come back and fix?
Teacher trainee and nurses allowances back into ur pockets or to go and bring the 'Nknonf3m' back from Upper Volta?
I wonder what ur campaign message is going to be this time round. It the be k3k3? Yooo, we are waiting for u.
You think we are fools.
If u have Phd holders in ur family why didn't u bring them on board in ur government but rather the thieves who came to evade taxes and borrowed from banks and never paid and tournd round to buy same banks to enrich themselves to the point of owning airplanes?
Just shut up and rest for u have nothing good to offer Ghana

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Shut up, Ur relatives came 2 loot
Nana Yaw
09-12 12:08