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Auditor-General petitions President over interference by Board Chairman

Comment: Out of mind board chairman.

Appiah Kubi
2018-09-12 21:25:54
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Auditor-General petitions President over interfere

Now people are pushing me real hard to let the information flow but in bits. This board chairman, once an auditor general i position he shouldn't have gotten in the first place came to an auditing firm personally broad day light in the car he stole on his exist from the service Peugeot V8 to collect bribe from an auditing firm he had contracted to do an auditing on behalf of the service from a muiti national organization. He should shout up or he's not to be no where near he is now if Ghanaians are really serous about the subject of corruption. He intentionly commissioned alot of forensic audit assignments just to firstly to collect kick back from the firms contracted and also to falsely go after people he hated.....i love J A Kuffour for all that hedid for our beloved country but unfortunately he made that big mistake of appointing this guy during his administration.

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09-12 12:10
Out of mind board chairman.
Appiah Kubi
09-12 21:25