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Auditor-General petitions President over interference by Board Chairman


La- Bretxa
2018-09-12 16:16:56
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Lack of organizational structure

I think that most of these power struggles have got to do with either lack of understanding of job description or just a mere pomposity with the explanations that, we are in power and therefore can do whatever we want. Only God knows where this nation is heading to. And I want to believe that it is a deliberate attempt so as to find fault on Mr. Domelevo and kick him out from there. Is it therefore surprising the way Blay's "daily toilet guide" and no other papers, is on the neck of this hard working man? The man can not be compromised and the only thing for them is to find faults on him and sack him so that they can steal as much as they want without being audited by a competent auditor, since at the end, Akufo Addo would surely put his family members there. Where are we going and why are we doing this to ourselves? Do we really love this country? I doubt very much.

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09-12 12:10
La- Bretxa
09-12 16:16