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Auditor-General petitions President over interference by Board Chairman

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2018-09-12 16:15:31
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Lack of organizational structure

My brother, the problem is how these appoontments are made? The government appoint ppl whom they trust to go and run those places and when the officers in charge prove to be tough and unyielding, they then find a case against them so that they could be willfully removed from their position to replace them with their cronies.
These are the root courses of the massive corruption in the country. You imagine a former Auditor General frustrating his supplanter? And why would Akufo Addo appoint such a person as a chairman of an organization he once headed?
Didn't he know that the guy would try to frustrate the Auditor General from doing his work?
All these are deliberate effort to cover up for government officials who are freezing the country?

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Re: Lack of organizational structure
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