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Auditor-General petitions President over interference by Board Chairman

Comment: Auditor General and Board Chairman

Dr Twumasi
2018-09-12 13:54:52
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Auditor-General petitions President over interfere

It is only a pity if not a shame. In the years gone by Professors were in Academia and Research Establishments, providing and directing with the view to finding solutions to problems and challenges.
Now, they are all over the Political space causing problems.
There are many of them as square pegs in round holes. Qualified but in wrong places. To line their pockets they have accepted the positions. I know them and I respect them as they are.
Read carefully the responses the Prof gave to the Auditor General when he confronted the Prof (board chair of the AG) over issues on PPA
If it is not a deliberate plot to subvert the Auditor General then it goes to show that The Prof hasn't got a business being in the position he is in. He must gracefully resign or be kicked out. Having worked in Ex-president Kuffour's government doesn't give him the licence to occupy the present position. It will come back to hit President Akufo-Addo as putting INCOMPETENT people in Public Institutions. Period.

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09-12 12:10
Auditor General and Board Chairman
Dr Twumasi
09-12 13:54