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Auditor-General petitions President over interference by Board Chairman

Comment: Auditor General's Predicament.

Appiah Kubi
2018-09-12 13:51:03
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Auditor-General petitions President over interfere

The President Nana Addo if is truely committed to ensuring that this man does his job independently should show some leadership here. Edward Dua Agyemang the board chair who was once auditor general doesn't seem to feel like he's out of office and wants to control the service as such. But guy its getting to a point where names are going to be mentioned about all the bad things he did whilst in office....."A PLAIN THIEF HIMSELF" this government should have know better.

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09-12 12:10
Auditor General's Predicament.
Appiah Kubi
09-12 13:51