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Supreme Court asked to stop referendum for new regions

Comment: Not needed at all

2018-09-12 09:39:30
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Supreme Court asked to stop referendum for new reg

The referendum is a big waste of money and not important. Change your attitude and support towards the people but not dividing them.

I will not be surprised if the family controlled government urge the court to throw out the case.

This money can be used for development instead.

Creating new regions is going to increase size of future government as well putting more burden on the country's budget and depriving development in needed areas.

All that big salaries, V8's, accommodation and many more benefits for those ministers can be used to develop and create jobs in those areas and the benefit will be for the whole country.

It is a very foolish idea if not for political or self gratification to embark on such a nation wrecking project.

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Not needed at all
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Yaw Bio
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