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Supreme Court asked to stop referendum for new regions

Comment: Referendum of 1956 TransVolta Togo land

2018-09-12 08:42:06
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The first referendum in then TransVolta Togo land in 1956 under the supervision of the United Nation took place without the involvement of citizens of Gold Coast including the Southern part of present day Volta Region because the Southern Volta Region constituting Dzodze, Akatsi, Sogakope, Keta, Denu and Aflao areas had been annexed by Gold Coast earlier in 1850 from German Togoland hence only the geographically affected areas starting from Kpetoe through Ho, Kpeve up to Bimbila, Yendi and Bawku in present day Northern and Upper Eastern Regions, under the United Nation supervision took part in such referendum which resulted in adding TransVolta Togoland to Ghana when Ghana became independent in 1957, therefore there is clear example in natural law to back the case of the government when it seek to exclude other people of the affected region from deciding the fate of the creation of the proposed new regions, many regions had been created out of other regions in Ghana in the past and the last was Upper East Region from then Upper Region and there was no brouhaha and strive so why now, rest my case

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Referendum of 1956 TransVolta Togo land
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Yaw Bio
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