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Supreme Court asked to stop referendum for new regions

Comment: Akufo Addo, A useless creature

2018-09-12 08:12:11
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Lost respect for Franklin Kudjoe

This is not a matter of lost of respect for someone. Deal with the main issues. Why is Akufo Addo saying only those agitating for new regions alone should vote in the referendum? That's the main issues. As to whether somebody understand what a region is, is not the problem. Let the supreme court determine the matter. Akufo Addo is a mere foolish and useless clueless denture smelling old man who wants to destroy this peaceful country before he die sooner. He should go demarcate his villige. A useless ugly creature.

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09-12 02:10
Akufo Addo, A useless creature
09-12 08:12
Yaw Bio
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