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Supreme Court asked to stop referendum for new regions

Comment: federal government now.

Jeffrey Daniels
2018-09-12 08:08:39
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Re: Supreme Court asked to stop referendum for new

Kudos TJ,it baffles me how black Africans are afraid of sacrificing for their own good.creating of 6 more regions is the gradual process to federal government system whereby every region would be given their own budget and the people in that region can decide their development plan or their scale of preference,which project should come first.And by so doing the kind of thievery and corruption would vanished from our governance,we wonder why the western world keep developing while Africa keep been under development. Why all these fears and anxiety just because of new regions.....any bold measures that will take Ghana to a different levels hell no we would see hyenas popping out from every damn corner to destroy such a brilliant idea.

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09-12 02:10
federal government now.
Jeffrey Daniels
09-12 08:08
Yaw Bio
09-12 12:58