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How can we pay last respect to Annan’s closed casket? – Disappointed mourners

Comment: Minister trumutrumu ,seed kwasia

2018-09-13 12:30:21
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Woy3 aboa piiiiiiiii

Simple: private funeral = their bedroom or toilet
Public funeral = public event hence no deceit with empty coffin
They ( family) shudnt hv vrot any thing here if they were not ready to respect our traditions yet they did bring home the supposed body which shud tell you tradition is tradition so get that seed with ur halitosis mouth,nose n ears!
No one forced d family to bring d body down yet they did so y not conform to d traditions of the land?
And that trumutrumu minster that fucks underage to with his stupidity
If it must b done, it must b done well plz

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09-12 02:10
Minister trumutrumu ,seed kwasia
09-13 12:30