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How can we pay last respect to Annan’s closed casket? – Disappointed mourners


2018-09-12 10:06:49
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How can we pay last respect to Annan’s closed ca

The surest way of getting a heart attack is to come on ghanaweb's comments section in times like this. The level of stupidity exhibited here is mind-boggling. Many men belonging to the elite class of society usually pen down how their funeral's should be organized . While some prefer cremation, others want a very private & solemn burial with little or no frills. Mr. Kofi Annan isn't the average Ghanaian whose family expects the public to pay "nsawa" at his funeral as was the case with the late Ebony. They agreed on a closed casket. If you disagree with them,stay in your stupid single room's. No one is forcing you to be there. Use your "nsawa" money to stick lotto or drink apio! Useless people ! Those dissapointed aren't true mourners, they're simply hypocrites & nosey people who probably wanted the opportunity to circulate photos of the mortal remains of this noble & consumate diplomat on social media. The family has my respect for their decision. As for the so-called dissapointed mourners, they should just instruct their families to take their caskets to any of the major markets when they die & open it for public viewing, no one is stopping them from doing that! Useless dimwits!

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