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Mourners disappointed over Kofi Annan’s closed casket

Comment: Kwame osae

Close all caskets lying in state
2018-09-12 04:17:47
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Mourners disappointed over Kofi Annan’s closed c

Government should from henceforth make a law prohibiting funerals in public places from displaying an open coffin or casket. What is the point??? Person is dead and one doesn’t have to see the dead before mourning or cry as a last respect . Enough of this stupidity . We worship the dead too much more than the living. Let’s pass a bill to ban publishing c display of the dead especially and most disgusting family’s who sit, stand etc their dead in various poses. One l saw recently was a teacher standing by a blackboard holding a chalk. Spread of diseases!!!! Health and safety to public and immediate family is totally ignored. Sad we copying stupid cultures from other countries. Government hasn’t got enough public cemeteries . Osu cemetery is over filled . Dead been buried on older graves. Let’s start cremating everyone within a week of death. Burials cost is reason people abandon their dead in morgue resulting in mass burials.

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09-11 17:32
Kwame osae
Close all caskets lying in state
09-12 04:17