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Mourners disappointed over Kofi Annan’s closed casket

Comment: Give the family privacy not publicity

Concerned Citizen
2018-09-11 20:57:24
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Mourners disappointed over Kofi Annan’s closed c

Ghanaians worship for the dead and hypocrisy is just too much. Seeing him doesn't bring him back to life but will rather expose pictures of him to social media pranks and publicity which will hurt the bereaved family. Late High profile dignitaries are not displayed to the public but just the family members and high profile dignitaries at a private funeral ceremony and then have a public one without the casket opened just like Michael Jacksons funeral. Security ensures no one takes a picture of the corpse unlike here that they take pictures and circulate it without respecting the privacy of the family and the dead. If you need to see a person it's best to see him alive not dead. Any developed country would have had the funeral and buried a late high profile dignitary within 24 hours on the funeral date but not Ghana putting the family through stress from Monday to Thursday.

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09-11 17:32
Give the family privacy not publicity
Concerned Citizen
09-11 20:57