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Mourners disappointed over Kofi Annan’s closed casket

Comment: He would only have tarnished his name

Concerned Citizen
2018-09-11 20:47:51
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Nana do something

What is it you wanted him to do for Ghana? Whatever good thing you wanted done for Ghana would never succeed until Ghanaians are ready to allow it to succeed. Unfortunately, our politicians have no interest in Ghana developing. Their motives lie elsewhere and the few with a genuine desire for the nation are totally rejected by Ghanaians. Ghanaians pretend to be patriotic, wheras their country is pushed to the back of their agenda. Anyone who tries to move this country forward in a transparent way will automatically become an arch enemy to many who have held this nation to ransom, as we saw with Atta Mills etc. Kofi Annan saw all this and refused to tarnish his name by getting in the way of those sitting on this nation.

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09-11 17:32
He would only have tarnished his name
Concerned Citizen
09-11 20:47