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Nigerian FA boss Pinnick leads team to appoint Ghana's normalisation committee tomorrow

Comment: @Say Say I PITY YOU

2018-09-11 16:38:47
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Nigerians are even worse ... Apuuuu

mR Say Say the racist town crier. I always pity some of you who talk before thinking. Can you see yourself? Our FA boss was appointed by FIFA/CAF to assist a sister Country to resolve some issues and if your are not ok with that, go and sleep. You asked how Nigerians could come and appoint you? Why not? Is Ghana so big that nationals of other nations could not head a panel to resolve your issues? I am sure if it was an American that was appointed, you would have been happy. Finally , i dont know if you are pretending not to be aware that Ghanaian Football is passing through some crisis and it is the concern of FIFA to resolve the issues using neutrals who are close to Ghana . So, try and hold your breath and think rationally and do not just open your mouth before you speak. Why wouldn't FIFA appoint neutrals when your Government took a decision to dissolve GFA as if GFA was a private Company of the Government. Why wouldnt FIFA appoint non nationals of Ghana when it is becoming apparent that nobody could be trusted to put the Country first. Our FA Chairman is a friend of GHANA and he will do a good job. Please stop your arrogance which is routed in stupidity.

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