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Stop confusing Ghanaians; $2bn bauxite deal is a loan – Minority

Comment: Obsession over US2 bn Chinese Loan

Yaw koampa
2018-09-11 15:27:40
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Stop confusing Ghanaians; $2bn bauxite deal is a l

As for this Caisel Ato Forson, the least said about him the better. Why is his obsession with a US2 Bn Chinese loan to the extent that he and others wrote to the IMF for what? For another policy guidelines or directions. If he wants to call a trade arrangement a loan so that he can further his infantile arguments, so be it. Many enlightened people know the difference between a loan and a trade; be it a barter or trade deficit. I do not understand why some people are worried about the nomenclatures by the NDC. Here are a group of people who want the country to see a goat as a cow whenever they donate one (courtesy Baba Jamal) or call a Double Salary a Top Up.
This is a guy who as a deputy minister of Finance supritended or helped to cook up figures to suppress the true state of our national debt both domestic and international. Quite a lot and lot of unpaid salaries, NHIS debts, Contractors etc were never included in their handover notes. Even the infamius Dubai interchange/ Kwame Nkrumah Roundabout was not paid for but was not captured as outstanding debt. Rhere are many more of such were not recorded debt. If I were Ato Forson, I would have spent valuable time to learn from the real pacesetters in economic development rather than put up that "too known" attitude which is not helping the country and hinself in anyway. What image is Ato Forson cutting for himself? Your guess is as good as mine. He is a pathetic sight.

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09-11 12:14
Obsession over US2 bn Chinese Loan
Yaw koampa
09-11 15:27