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Stop confusing Ghanaians; $2bn bauxite deal is a loan – Minority

Comment: Useless and corrupt monkey

2018-09-11 12:21:17
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Stop confusing Ghanaians; $2bn bauxite deal is a l

Akufo Addo is a confuesed thief and a criminal. This is the foolish useless old man who was begging us and telling us that he is an old man who would not steal our money. What are we seeing now? He is now trying to sack the Auditor General because Mr. Domelevo is a very hard nut to crack. Do not fall pry to them sir. Stand firmly on your right.If they sack you, we will show you how to eliminate them one by one. Not even a chicken would be spared. I think the time has come for that. Is Ghana for Akufo Addo and his drug trafficking family? They want to sack him so they can bring in their family who would aid them to pillage this country. They sack you we kill them period.

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09-11 12:14
Useless and corrupt monkey
09-11 12:21