Mahama did not sack Nunoo Mensah - Stan Dogbe | (comment 19260029)
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Mahama did not sack Nunoo Mensah - Stan Dogbe

Comment: P-NDC chaps are hungry

Stan Mr&Mrs Chop Chop
2018-09-11 10:05:23
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Mahama did not sack Nunoo Mensah - Stan Dogbe

Who the f*ck gives a sh*t ass about who was sacked and who wasn’t in your nation-wrecking kleptomaniac P-NDC? The only thing we are interested in is the unprincipled crap that idiotic Nunoo M spewed on us. When his kleptomaniac president was in power he asked us to get our passports vamoose the country if we didn’t like conditions. Now he wants a “revolution” for the same reason. Oh, and he is very hungry- just like me - but I’m not calling for revo nonsense. But Stan, tell me, what did you and your wife do with that easy contract to print that program? That was a pretty easy chop chop, but you guys blew it. I do hope that you guys aren’t as hungry as the useless “General” to call for revo because we are wiser now and won’t take that sh*t anymore - we now know it’s something a few throw about when they are missing chop chop or are very hungry and want to buck the queue for food

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09-11 09:53
P-NDC chaps are hungry
Stan Mr&Mrs Chop Chop
09-11 10:05