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Stonebwoy should be paid by Hitz FM for a good interview - Shatta Wale

Comment: OSU kaa dzaanor

Getty Rama adabraka old timers...
2018-09-11 05:09:45
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Stonebwoy should be paid by Hitz FM for a good Iin

Why all this "beef"
For Christ sake peace must prevail among this two Ghanaian
We grew up listening to E t .mensah and Jerry Hanson's ramblers int band.. nana ampadu..senior Eddie and the gangs k.c.and sunshine...the Manhattan's Harry belafonte aretha Franklin Jimmy Reeves..Elton John ,Yvonne chaka chaka. Mariam makeba. e.t.c. in those days we never saw such insults...against each other...
Ghana musicians were at peace and their music was inspirational to the "human soul" not the "nyama nyama"music we hear this days....with dirty nasty lyric.s..
Nothing to write home group of musicians are always at rivalry with one another instead of teaming up to come out with best great collaboration that would put ghana high in the world music Hall of fame..
Can't we sit up and come out like the group... that call itself USA for Africa....who sang "we are the world"
That is what we call team collaboration...
Not the rivalry hate group so call dance hall... "
whatever" opinion and little way of thinking......

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09-11 03:14
OSU kaa dzaanor
Getty Rama adabraka old timers...
09-11 05:09