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Race for NDC flagbearer: Volta region leader wants Mahama to back off

Comment: Deep thinkers Vs short term gainers

2018-09-11 07:16:03
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Race for NDC flagbearer: Volta region leader wants

As the saying goes, what shall it profit a man if he wins an election and leaves after one term. The truth is personal gain. I have to come and take what l needed to take before I left abruptly earlier on.
History they say is a guide into the future. The wise are saying that if we work it out gradually we will win back power when the people natural and willingly offer it to us with very little effort; and is always been the end of the second term of the current administration. Before that all the opposition does is to reassure the populace with a credible candidate and the rest is done by the floating voters in this country who natural get fed up with the ruling party. Secondly, by then the current party wound have grown natural arrogancy and they are left of the hook. This as a people is what we have come to accept as the norm. If any fool thinks otherwise then they will cause the third defeat of their own party. History will also not forgive them and their party folks won't either. A word to the wise............

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Deep thinkers Vs short term gainers
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