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China ready for Akufo-Addo

Comment: China ready for AKUFFO-ADDO.

2018-08-31 16:46:29
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China ready for Akufo-Addo

I am not at all surprised. Africans must accept the fact that China and the SovietUnion helped Africans during the struggle for independence. That is a fact number one,the second fact is that the presence of China and the Soviet Union in the world body UN prevented the Western Countries like the US,Great Britain,France Germany,Spain,Portugal, Italy etc.and the apartheid regimes in Africa from exercising some evil acts on the independent African States,Period. We Africans should never forget that. Believe it,No WealthyWestern European government want any African governments to prosper.I know what I am talking about.The only people who don't share my views on this matter are the corrupt,traitors,evil and the downright fools.

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08-31 15:00
China ready for AKUFFO-ADDO.
08-31 16:46