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Inexperienced political propagandists holding political offices - Prof Gyimah Boadi

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2018-08-31 11:05:36
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Inexperienced political propagandists holding poli

Prof. You have said it all. Those who are appointed to high places are truely propagandist and less experienced party cronies. Nothing innovative when they take these appointments. The sit on TV and Radio stations to vomit out verbal diarrhoea and to steal from the tax payer. A typical example is stupidly renaming Polytechnics as Technical Universities. Nothing significant has changed. Coming out with a degree that means nothing. We should have rather provided them with the necessary materials for practical, so that when they come out we can help them create jobs and not be looking for employment from the government. (A loan system, monited) We have only embelished the pyrotechnics with a new name the value is still thesame. This is our lack of deep reflection, thinking, with the passion to be creative in the right direction. The inner will power to make what seems impossibly, possible is lacking in us. This stupidity and propaganda politics will lead us no where. We need people who are qualified and gove possitive results and thinking outside the box, not Agyako type and parliamentarians taking double salaries and collecting rent allowance while staying in Gov. Bangalors. Prof. Continue to speak to those greedy bastards and less creative minded idiots leading Ghana. Those misleaders. What mind set do we have as humans. Always bahaving like children of a lesser God.

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