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Calling my new portfolio a demotion insulting to Zongos – Hamid

Comment: npp is evil

2018-08-24 09:51:33
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Calling my new portfolio a demotion insulting to Z

This stupid zongo thing must stop. What a nonsense if presby mission want to put up a school in a zongo community will they agree? Most hospitals, schools smd other thing this government is trying to make political capital of are all the work of Christian missionary . the Moslem scholars and missionary what development do the bring to the zongo communities.? In any case can this useless government tell me it answer these questions; is Accra girls, ktobo gilrs, presec, achimota , ghanass pop john, odasco , mawuli, Ola's girls, st augustine, tamasco, navtongo shs, , kst, etc build in Christian community?. Similarly the hospitals can be said to be in Christian communities . in any case do we have Christian community in Ghana ? These nonsense is zongo community must end before is too late. My tax revenue must be used wisely

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08-24 08:39
npp is evil
08-24 09:51