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Mahama signs Kofi Annan condolence book

Comment: pepeni hypocrisy

insight to the bone
2018-08-23 11:27:10
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Re: Mahama signs Kofi Annan condolence book

Nobody is a retarded imbecile not to see these pepeni/ayigbe NDC criminals want to turn Akans into their slave colony like they have succeeded in doing in Nigeria , Ivory Coast and Cameroun.Political criminal mafia on the move again and as always walking hand in hand with juju men pretending to be pastors . They use the golden calf strategy to mislead our people into stupidity. They try to fleece the country blind by collapsing the banks after theft and then plunge the country into war to cover their tracks now think we are too stupid to see through this legal acrobatics to see the truth , kwasia like that . Rats always leave a sinking ship and this Otiko Djaba is no different. NDC mafia criminal elite have succeeded in misleading , manipulating and push Nana's too known blind by fake authority and pride into making disastrous mistakes . They have even succeeded through pepeni Bawumia to align us geopolitically with Chinese toxic forces Russia and their satellites and ISIS. Stupidity after stupidity. Every healthy Akan initiative has been squashed and rubbished so no they champion foolish deals that lead no where . Serious business and capital are already avoiding this pompous government and going to other more reasonable and committed countries. The moment these 110 ministers we watched with broken hearts how these NDC bureaucrats skillfully lead them into stupidity while baptizing them into corruption and retrogressive concepts and ignorance.Common sense is not a partner to this idiotic government so we shall wander in the desert of nonsense and hope a new better group can take us to the promised land of milk and honey of true industrialization and a standard of the 21st century for our people . Nana is already history . A disappointing government packed with pompous amateurs , fools and idiots who dont use their brains to think or have any regard for the consequences of their silly foolishness. They think by pretending to sit on both sides of the fence nobody sees they have chosen the side of selling our people out to the devil.

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