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Two ladies kidnapped; one returned dumb, ¢4K ransom demanded on the other

Comment: Open border is a recipe for a failed sta

Kwaw Bentum
2018-08-22 15:07:46
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Two ladies kidnapped; one returned dumb, ¢4K rans

Most countries whose former leaders in the West African subsection kicked against Kwame Nkrumah's idea of African Union, are the very ones clamouring for Ecowas today because it favors them. Akuffo Addo, Ecowas and your open border policy are destroying our country Ghana and culture. Foreigners in our midst are taking advantage of our weak national policy and practicing crimes never seen in Ghana before at alarming rates. These include ritual money, ritual murder, cyber crimes, wire fraud, armed and broad day light robbery and now we have kidnapping on the offing. If a country harbors a kidnapper from Nigeria called Evans, who took up Ghanaian passports by fraud for himself and his family , what do you think the ripple effects will be on Ghana? The next Ghanaian leader should be tough on crime and chase these criminals out of Ghana. This is not xenophobia. Crime does not pay and we should not allow troubled neighbours or foreigners to come over and destroy our country as if so called Ecowas protocol is the binding law on Ghana. Omanba Ghanauto eh, let's cherish this peace Rawlings and his young comrades fought and preserved for Ghana. Ghana first, all others second. Stop this senseless open border and close the borders after dusk, Akuffo Addo and his over ambitious desires. Ghana is witnessing a failure like it was under the corrupt Mahama left behind and same is continuing. People, be your own and Ghana's keeper. NPP has lost its focus and the opposition must work hard to push them out of office. NDC forget about Mahama, for he has too many questions to answer from bank looting to the corruption and neglect of the things most needed at the time he was court appointed. Akuffo Addo is suffering from old age and disappointingly too weak to correct wrongs. We need a strong Ghanaian leader imbued with the Ghana Spirit. Akuffo Addo and Mahama are the reasons we should have age limits to the presidency. The Interior Minister and the IGP must go. The CID head is simply not up to the task and must go too. Akuffo Addo listen and stop your separatist ideology. Lead Ghana as a united peace loving nation. NPP, SIGNS SHOWING ON THE WALL. Things are not going well at all; from security to politics. If you do not change the old horse, NPP will lose the 2020 elections. There should be a fight st your next presidential primaries like board room wrangling. Change the old horse and refocus Ghana. Kidnapping is too foreign to Ghana and we can all guess whare they are coming from. Who is checking the visitor's at the entry points in terms of health, criminal backgrounds and the diseases people are carrying into Ghana? Akuffo Addo is losing the war on crime because he has mellowed the police to replace them with state sponsored terrorists called NPP militias aka, vigilantees, like evil old Jo's action troopers who bombed Nkrumah and Ghana at will. Arise my fellow Ghanaians and be a watchdogs of who is living in your neck of the woods. Too many evil from foreigners who have come over to destroy Ghana. Time for the Allen's compliance order to be invoked. Interior Minister, IGP and the CID boss must resign honorably like Otiko has turned down an ambassedorial offer to Italy. Resign you security chiefs, resign.

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08-22 14:05
Open border is a recipe for a failed sta
Kwaw Bentum
08-22 15:07