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Conversion of halls senseless, we’ll fight it – Kantanga Alumni

Comment: Senseless Immature Lot

2018-08-17 11:18:25
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Conversion of halls senseless, we’ll fight it

Yes, senseless immature lot. Can any of those who oppose to the decision to make these halls mixed (male & female), give us any logical reason for their stance? Times have changed, there is population explosion, intake of foreign students, relative increase in new courses etc, which have consequently resulted in astronomical students intake and its associated logistical impact. Common sense tells you that, there is a practical and well founded reasoning behind the decision taken by the university authorities. It is a shame that people (students) who are expected to know better and reason logically are behaving like drug zombies! God save us, Ghana, as these are the people who shall be occupying and take charge of sensitive high-level positions, where crucial decisions shall be taken. No wonder the country has been in a mess for a long time, and from what I am seeing, long shall it continue if we are going to produce graduates of such mentality.

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Senseless Immature Lot
08-17 11:18