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UT Bank collapse: MP denies taking GHC30m loan

Comment: Massa, stop the lying.

Kofi Detroit
2018-08-11 09:45:02
Comment to:
UT Bank collapse: MP denies taking GHC30m loan

Massa, Excel is a company wholly owned by you. Yes the company took the loan but who is responsible for the company? YOU !!! Not only did you take loans from UT that you didn't pay, you also took huge loans from ADB that you are delinquent on. Stop the lying and pay the damn loans off and stop running your mouth on radio and TV stations. You guys pretend to be shroud businessmen but the contrary can be argued. So many Ghanaian businessmen are living on huge loans. Hope they will all be exposed soon

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08-11 02:37
Massa, stop the lying.
Kofi Detroit
08-11 09:45