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Owusu Bempah ripped apart for claiming NDC offered him $1m and V8

Comment: Check your facts done be decieve

2018-08-09 18:01:17
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Re: Owusu Bempah ripped apart for claiming NDC off

What are you talking about?when it comes to infrastructure development tell me NDC and NPP which them have done most! Don't let partisan make u blind. After Nkrumahs CPP there only party which has putting more infrastructure development is NDC.
When Nkrumah was doing all this massive infrastructure development which Busias and Co were criticizing him out jealous against the masses that he was wasting the tax payers money, this is the same trend NPP as party as followed up till now. Go check history and see which party are nation wreckers? Kuffour led us to high inflation all in the name of currency denomination. Where at the time a 10p note can buy a lot of stuffs and just a few years we using it to buy polythene bag and just a sachet of water and what are u talking about? NDC in eight years built terminal 3, the biggest market in west Africa which is in Kumasi,UG Medical hospital, the power stable u are enjoying today is never the credit of NPP,Sarfoline interchange in Kumasi,ease the traffic on the Kasoa road and circle, build some added SHs,roads and railways, under this NPP leadership what have they done?just come out and tell me what NPP done putting Ghana under hardship with so many unnecessary taxes and where are the criminals they promised prosecute them? Over size govt me with no results still in propaganda mood , when u solve the problems you intend to blame your opponent! Take it or leave it Mahama will continue to be a golden boy

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08-09 16:43
Check your facts done be decieve
08-09 18:01