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Mahama boys play tribal card


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2018-08-08 14:24:45
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Mahama boys play tribal card

What’s wrong with you these NDC stooges? Ghanaians are looking for the results, not the gimmicks. Gone are the days ok? Let’s start it this way: four years ago at this time, Ghana was a mess. One of the most blessed nations in the world with every notable or important mineral resources bequeathed it . A nation that sit at the very center of the globe, that is at the auspices of The Almighty God. A nation blessed with powerful Human Resources and cultures. Yet the NDC was able to put us in total darkness for eight years. Sanitation was a mess and the result was infectious diseases everywhere. The coastal belts were dealing with serious bursts of chorela epidemics; but amidst all these death threatening situations, our doctors and medical professionals were on strike fighting for better service conditions. Why not? If John Cribo Mahama was able to doll out millions of dollars to buy SUV cars for corrupt chiefs , movie actors and comedians including Akua Donkor, whilst the doctor treks to work, what did you expect? Workers and pensionsers had to go for several months without salaries, ritual murders and many other despicable acts that happened under the NDC administration is not worth reminiscing. Their persistent looting of our nation’s resources sent Ghana into a deep recession before they were booted out 2016.

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08-08 12:16
Stephen Donkor, New York.
08-08 14:24