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Mahama boys play tribal card

Comment: Mahama

Agyenco UK
2018-08-08 12:45:32
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Re: Mahama boys play tribal card

So NDC think Ghanaians easily forget things. Ghanaians are not so naive as the fanatic NDC will want us to believe.
Mark ye my word! Mahama will never ever ever become the president of Ghana again.
I wan to state authoritatively that Mahama didn't win the 20112 Presidential election.
It was a stolen verdict period. Mahama is the most tribalistic leader in the history of Ghana. He hid behind people and groups to fan tribal sentiments during the 2012 and 2016 election campaign but it didn't wash. He tried to paint NPP as a tribalistic party but his diabolic schemes couldn't stick.
Now we are being told that Mahama boys are playing tribal cards. More are yet to come. Our friends from the Volta Region should shine their eyes and mind.
Mahama see them just as election winners and then cast them aside.
Mogtari, Mahama has come out to denouce the group and have gone on to distant Mahama from the group statement. This is not true. The denouncement is intended to throw dust into our eyes. Mahama liked it loved it and appreciate what was issued.

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Agyenco UK
08-08 12:45